Thursday, October 10, 2013

Revolutionary being - a world in Potential

Bouncing through the halls on the way to my appointment with my massage therapist, I smile.

Why? Because it is such a rush to see the overhead lights flicker as I pass under them. Never do I take it for granted, it is such an extraordinary connection, so outside my frame of reference for reality, I simply engage the flow and feel the glow of workings that cannot be seen ... yet ... can be measured ... by heart.

I am again, in awe. What is it that calls me today? It is that same thing that brought me here to love, explore and play with all-that-is ... I seek wonder. As such, wonder is seeking me.

You are Magic, You are Divine, with you, All things are Possible. - Talking to Nightlights

I choose Joy!
Each and every one is coded with a magical spark of divine source that - when engaged - allows the extraordinary to manifest ... when, how and if ever you find it ... life will be like nothing one has been taught, trained or modeled.

Time shifts, being expands, reality explodes. Now become a place to embrace and revel in wonder.

You are here. You are coded. In that spark, that tiny connection - ALL - is embedded and more is revealed. When one engages that element - it becomes clear - the beyond-ALL-knowing- magnificence of Source.

Engaging divine spark -- is re/evolutionary being.    
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