Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Standing Appointments - Death and re-Birth

There is no time - rather, a present awareness where time plays out. - Talking to Nightlights

When I was invited to do the Ghost Tales of Weston again this year, the timing was a challenge. My dates were October 19, 25, and 26 -- and I had to work around a family member who was in process of transitioning.

I didn't want to be the one who backed out of a committment or left anyone in the lurch. There were three dates and two stood out. But I really didn't know what to do except limit the booking to one date that seemed best and let the events play out.

I booked October 19th. We got the call on the 17th. That was the roughest day. Hit me harder than I thought. The funeral is the 25th. Even then, it didn't dawn on me how it all played out until I was telling my Mom about the arrangements. Everything had fallen perfectly into place.

The last time I had to make this kind of appointment I was spending a few months in Sedona, trying to determine what direction would be best for my life role. I love Sedona but soul work seemed to call me back to the heartland -- my home for many lifetimes. Grandmother E. had given me dreams to let me know she was ready to leave. I knew I had a deadline (interesting choice, that word).

Arrangements intuited, I relocated in time for her funeral as well.

None of this is known to me when I choose the dates. They just seem to stand out. What I want to share in the timing of this, is that there is a higher power at work and we are always where we need to be - no matter how it appears. Unseen others are helping with this process.

Another friend also experienced a death this past week. Rather than prolonged and planned crossing, it was an accident, totally unexpected, and traumatic because of that element of surprise.

But - for the soul on the journey - the result is the same: Transition.

Births and deaths, no matter how it appears to us in the manifest plane, are coordinated on a higher plane so as to be in sync with those who are in physical form and those on the other planes ... non-physical and non-linear.

We access so very little of this picture that it seems not to exist. However, when events such as this play out, I get concrete reminders all is as it should be. Those who check out are also right on time for their next appointment.

As the living gather to say goodbye, the departed are welcomed and recovering lost connections to assist them on the next leg of the journey.

Such an amazing place to be --- here in the physical --- yet, able to glimpse that other home. We really do know more than we realize ... when we can trust that awareness and allow it to filter into conscious creation ... life takes on a new flow ... and that is how we grow.

We say Goodbye to say Hello .. it is a shift .. not an ending. ALL is well.

Love and light,

_The challenge with the dates gave me a chance to reach out for back-up and support others who do this work. I am happy to say Traci Bray will be at the Ghost Tales of Weston event on the 25th. Traci is one of the mediums certified by the Windbridge Institute.
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Becki Hawkins said...

Wendy!! Love this!! So sorry about your loss but so happy for their Transition!! I'm also happy for my friends who transitioned but saddened for their dear family. It takes time, much time. Grief is hard work. But they will heal in time.
Thank you for this timely piece. You are one of my bestest heroes!! Big hugs and Love!!