Monday, October 21, 2013

The NEXT Fontier - Lucid Dreaming

In no way is next frontier a final state. Rather, now that you have succeeded in immersing yourself in the physical realm, you are simply ready to graduate into the class of going between. That state is actually a remembered way of being - one you had to forget to get here.

Entering into this state is a homecoming and a way of being more aware of the totality of you. The guides told me when I first began working with them: "One must be fully human to be fully Divine." That means all that is here is - no matter how it looks - is part of us. ALL is sacred.

The test and the lessons require us to become conscious of the drama and the illusion of being separate. When we recognize our own shadows -- we are FREE and fully realized conscious beings.

We are here to become more. Each determines his own path. This lifetime is another opportunity for spiritual and conscious growth. If it feels right - you can choose to explore whatever area that interests you. No more, no less. The choice is always yours.

Enter the world of Lucid Dreaming and enjoy the evolution of conscious reality creation. My words for it when I first began to see it operate in my life - "Manifest Dreaming" ... As you think, so you are... As you dream, so you become. - Talking to Nightlights, 1998 dialogues with The Energy

From the diary -- a snippet -- October 21, 2013 -- [That's how you get information. You put yourself to sleep and ask for it. Remember – you know how to do this. It came with the program. Simply ask for a thing and dream how to get it. Sitting in a space (meditation) for a very long time doesn't give one permission to know more. One moves and things happen. As things happen, the energy becomes free to also energize and become more receptive to the attenuate state. It isn't rocket science, it is simply expressing being as energy rather than a physical box. That's the whole secret. Release your energy and become attuned to the environment and you can go anywhere and be anything. It is not the body it is the heart and the mind that do the traveling. One can do it awake or asleep and eventually come to realize they are the same state. And so you grow.]

There are lots of classes and methods presented as keys or special requirements needed to learn how to become lucid in a dream. You may already know how or have had the experience without attempting to recreate or initiate it.

Here now is information and a community where you can explore, practice and share your dreamings ... you may have an interest or not. No matter, the community is growing (and (quietly) has been growing for a long time) and reality is shifting as that happens.

The snowball is now rolling ...

The site - dream labs
The book - A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming
A classic from Stephen Laberge - Interview
A shamanic approach - The World as You Dream It
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