Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ghosts have Stories too - Checking in again with Tina Erwin

It's easier to dismiss ghosts in the daylight. - Patricia Briggs, Dragon Bones 

For some of us, maybe.

Tina Erwin (Ghost Stories from the Ghost's Point of View) is making a return appearance on the show this week. I booked her again - and so soon - because we did have more content to cover and we had such an unusual experience the last time I wanted to see if we could actually do a show without any electrical/mechanical issues.   

Again, we will get into a some of the things that might cause a person to remain in a non-physical state of in-between rather than moving beyond the Earth plane and how one can develop sensitivity to ghosts or at least keep an open mind and consider a space may have other occupants than those visible to the human eye.

From my perspective, this will be an interesting show because of the equipment issues last time. You won't hear it in the downloads, it was cleaned up in the final edit of the show.
What is it we are missing?

In Tina's case, we had a major connection snafu that derailed the live show for about 7 (long) minutes. We actually stopped rolling and reconnected to edit two parts together. I have never had to do that.

When I do the shows for Empower, it's very much like a standard radio station production. I am at a remote location while my producer in the studio runs the board and later edits the show for upload to Empower and the various other listening sites: iHeartRadio, itunes, etc...

The producer also helps to monitor and clean up any funky sound issues while the show is running live. While I have had my share of quirky issues with a show cutting out here and there or a temporary audio drop out with the Skype feed (Landlines are still the most reliable connection.), the show I did with Tina was probably the most memorable in the way it derailed. The timing also pointed to one of the usual issues I have when interviewing Mediums, they attract heavy energy.

The show has been edited but the place where it derailed was within moments of a comment that dealt with control and the need to call upon higher elements to remove a ghost or problem spirit, pretty much an invitation for a contrary element to step forward and an opportune moment for a counter maneuver.

It isn't that the statement was false, rather a demonstration that not everything can be controlled - no matter who or what is calling the shots. In this instance, creating a disturbance was easy. The Skype connection froze in the studio and the phone lines would not connect, a first for my show. Fun and games.

What will happen this time? I have no idea. Whatever it is or isn't, we'll roll with it. I do know - in my own experiences with ghosts and heavier energies, control is not a game I choose to engage. There is no need to debate, argue or create a power struggle. Each has a reason for being, in whatever state one resides.

Calling on a higher power is more effective than dueling with an opponent who is not operating on the same playing field as we are. Given that awareness, they might also know a few more details about us than we do about them.

To that end, I do not do the work. I step aside and ask if it is a thing I can assist with and let the higher elements and energies take it from there. We are learning and so are they. Knowing I have a small role in this and allowing spirit to intervene usually helps to lighten the space. The constant: we have to allow source an open door to work whatever miracle is required.

Some ghosts do have positive messages to share when we are open to it and, like us, their state is temporary. Through them, I have come to learn we must continue to look up for answers and affirmation. Nothing of that sort is found trapped on the surface or rooting around underground. 

Here's a link to Tina's book on Smashwords - Ghost Stories from the Ghosts' Point of View

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