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1921 Revelations unburied .. foretell an incredible future

One of my favorite finds this past year is a story that few people know about. Why? For one thing, it is written in Greek. The second thing being - limited publication - three times at about a thousand books per run. 

It has to be one of the most incredible time related true stories ever told. The Valley of Roses is about an experience that happened in 1921 and involved a visit from someone from the year 3906 AD. 

I blogged about it when I first saw a post in which someone had referred to the original story and offered a revised version of the prophecies. Fortunately, that post led to a connection with Nassos Komianos who has been doing his own research of the story. 

In his summary of the work, Nassos says Swiss teacher Paul Dienach slipped in a rare state of consciousness, called narcolepsy for almost a year and recovered with memories of another person (his future embodiment), a physicist named Andreas Northam from the year 3906 AD.

What made that switch possible was an accident involving an NDE, after which, the professor of the future awoke with the personality of Dienach, the twentieth century teacher (or his own former persona).

The prophecy aspect? Andreas is schooled on what he "forgot" due to his NDE. That enables  Dienach to return with rich detail and vivid history lines.

Here are some highlights:

In the 21st century, scientists of the time did not foresee the time-bomb of over-population.

By 2204, Humans migrate and colonize Mars - that lasts for 60 years. (Nassos offers a warning for the next several generations .. don't go to Mars.)

In 2309 AD a thermonuclear controlled attack destroyed most of Europe as we know it. Scandinavian and Baltic countries were not destroyed but the war killed billions and devastated most of the continents of the earth.

From 2320 to 2350 AD migrating people from the North started to take over the old lands, setting the grounds for a new beginning.
2396 AD, Establishment of the global Retsstat (Commonwealth with law and order). End of prehistory and beginning of the new calendar. Year 1 is now established.
Pre-historic times are considered barbaric because they based their civilization in greed, profit and private property.
After years of meditation practices, a shift in human consciousness takes place that will change the world. It is called the oversynssans the ability to transcend the senses, the ability to oversee.

A practitioner at the Aidersen Institute, the seventy year old Alexis Volky managed to make the breakthrough by extending the abilities of the human mind. On the 6th of September of 3382 AD (986).

At the 40th century there are no icebergs on the Poles and what were once the deserts and the steppes have been all cultivated and inhabited.
Oh yeah, somewhere in here we discover and begin to interact with others (ETs) from our Galactic family. 

Nassos' video presentation of the story is well worth a look. What a mind-blowing thing to have experienced in 1921. Does it predict our future? Is there a reason Dienach recovered with his future storyline intact? Is it meant to reveal a warning to be discovered and the relevance made public in time to change a few things? Would that make a difference?

Still unavailable in English, the story was first published in Greek in 1966, then again in 1979 and again in 2001.
So many questions in the mystery that is The Valley of Roses. The story certainly opens a new channel for time-travel and reminds us that we are still operating within a very narrow framework regarding our relationship to time and, for that matter: reality.

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