Monday, December 30, 2013

Talk with the Animals - we can

We are living in extraordinary times. Knowing that has been forgotten is begin rekindled and expanded upon, once again filtering into the collective consciousness.

Our connections with the other beautiful non-human beings on our planet are undergoing a quantum upgrade. It is my hope that this knowledge spreads like wildfire in ways that allow us to become more compassionate and caring in our creative endeavors and our creation abilities.

Maybe you have heard your own pets and wondered why no one else believed it possible or bothered to try. Maybe you have helped others because you understood it didn't matter how many said it was just a trick, a lucky guess or imagination.

You know what it is to make those connections and what happens with the animals around you who appreciate your efforts and your intent, the gifts of wisdom they share with you. We are conscious beings and we are all joined in an energetic bond.

Learning how to interrelate to the other species with whom we share this planet is the next quantum leap in our consciousness evolution. It requires us to use more of our intuitive talents. And yet, it isn't a new thing. It is an old ability that has been relegated to the past.

Considered useless and unnecessary in modern culture, animal communication abilities have been discouraged by some, forgotten by others -- allowed to fade into the time-line -- but not completely.

Animal communication useless? Nothing could be further from the truth. The era is finally here to remember, restore and embrace that natural intuitive link we already have within us.

This vid may not be available long. You won't be disappointed. Watch it now and enjoy the bridges we are crossing in our learning about the natural world. I will try to find a permanent link or site to note here.

There are so many people working to assist and bring us this new awareness. I am linking a few for you to connect to and research. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being here at this time. We are wonders in bloom and this world is ready to show us the potential we never knew we were born with. Animals are both giving us a clue... and leading the way home.

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