Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Developing insight - conversations with Nightlights

Welcome. The Nightlights are talking. I listen and begin the process of conscious channeling.

Being in silence is not about creating a void without noise - rather, it is shifting focus from sensory to extrasensory ..

exposing the tones, notes and tunes of the inner realms ..

engaging awareness ..

accessing guidance ..

Are you ready for higher knowing? You are here. Then, so you are.

See and be seen.

 .. developing tools to navigate the quantum state.

I will share with you the notes in passing of my companions in the non-form state.

They are many and one and they entertain me each and every day in the dancing of the nightlights.

Names don't stick - that creates an energy block
- so we/I simply give the essence a listen

and allow that which resonates
to be called to a moment of awareness.

Each is charting his own course. I listen and follow my light.
All is love and learning
and we are part of that
as we pass this way to the higher realms of being.

Works in process of illumination.

The conversation begins:

As we have said, many are being gathered. You think the body is all there is and when one disappears, one is dead. That is really beyond anything you are able to fathom – the soul is what is being gathered. 

It doesn't come from here. It simply decides to shift and realign and all changes. What is seen on the physical plane as a death is a necessary exit to allow for a departing and a new arrival elsewhere. 

What happens?

They are wiped clean. No memories to allow for a smooth transition and no baggage.

Is this agreed to? 

Yes, at a higher level than we are able to access. It is not a hostage situation. Each is willing to shift the energy for the greater good. Awareness is more broad in the higher levels. They know and allow the karma to be lifted for a moment to do another job and then come back to the train.


I expect to take a break but the conversation continues. 

As we have said, the best and the brightest, not the smartest and the prettiest. The worthy.

They know and are here for a moment to help, then to shift their light to a greater calling. None are recognized to allow the work to be done. Each is wearing a mask and a funny hat. And so it goes. Some leave and some stay and the greater picture goes on.

All is light.

Now we take a break. 

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