Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mind's Eye/sci-fi thriller and a new UFO show

“Stuff your eyes with wonder, he said, live as if you'd drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.”
Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

One of the adds on my twitter subscriber feed looks interesting. This film actually touches on some of the stuff I have had to navigate since 1997. Haven't seen the film just the preview but it does underscore my view that reality is NOT linear.

My reality has unlimited bandwidth, unfathomable depth and extraordinary dimension, filled with unseen and unmappable quirks, every missing link and quantum blank serves a purpose.

My first experience of time-shifting threw out any old school notion of reality being a thing one can quantify. It is much, much larger. The mind cannot process it all, but we work with the bits and pieces we can and assume that is all there is to it. And that is where we are wrong. There is simply more.

What that more adds up to depends on the individual. Other personal experiences include OBE, multiple varieties of spirit beings, guardian angels, separate awareness-es, ONE-ness, Christ Consciousness, visions, premonition, telepathy, shape-shifting, energy healing, portals, mediumship, hauntings, cleansings, ghosts, non-corporeal beings, transdimensional beings, Divine intervention, ET phenom  -- it all runs the gamut from drama to comedy. But that's just me.

This movie might be fun to check out see how creative they get in framing their mind game.

MIND'S EYE - a metaphysical sci fi thriller. The set up: A young high-school musician, Mattie Carver, is on a strange and unpredictable journey through the looking-glass world of the mind’s eye. Joined by her science teacher, the school psychologist, two mysterious men in black, and her closest friends, Mattie must find the truth in a constantly morphing reality before it slips away from her forever.

MIND'S EYE - A Mindbending Sci Fi Thriller from Black Wing Digital Entertainment on Vimeo.

- a metaphysical sci fi thriller, deals with the paradoxes of time and memory, trauma and loss. Starring Dean Cain, Natalie Distler and Izzie Steele, and featuring Malcolm Mcdowell. Appearances by Monte Markham and Aaron Perilo.

Other news highlights  -- A new UFO show is set to take a bow.  

Details: John Ventre had no interest in unidentified flying objects until he decided to write a science fiction book about 17 years ago. The deeper he went in his research, the more evidence of UFOs he found.
His thoughts on the subject now? He says, "I am 100 percent convinced it is a real phenomenon.” Ventre is Pennsylvania director for the Mutual UFO Network and one of the stars of “Hangar 1,” a new History Channel series about UFOs.

“Hangar 1” debuts Feb. 28 at 10 p.m. after “Ancient Aliens” on History Channel's H2 station.


M Ersoz said...

Thanks for the kind mention of Mind's Eye. I think you would like the film, based on your blog contents. I made it for people like you. Cheers! -- Meryem Ersoz, Producer

Wendy Garrett said...

Thank you! Hope you get some great feedback and make more films. :) Best wishes. - wendy