Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Reflection Illuminated

When you find the way
Others will find you
Passing by on the road
They will be drawn to your door
The way that cannot be heard
will be reflected in your voice
The way that cannot be seen
Will be reflected in your eyes
- Lao Tzu


And when indeed they find you
nothing need be said
You are no longer represented
as external projection.

In arriving, they see they have no reflection
as no thing here is real, simply a shadow of the One
-- a playing field where soul cavorts in creation
until the time comes to shift and rise up
to the next level of the charade.

When one finds himself
in a home he never left
he remembers to laugh
and honor the projection
of all-that-is illuminated in being and non-being.

Quietly resumed, the role of gatekeeper,
he stands at the ready
poised in perfect awareness
illuminated without knowing

the traveler in reflection.
- wendy and the nightlights

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