Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Two-fer plus a haunting Phantom

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.”
Arthur Conan Doyle, The Hound of the Baskervilles

I love this little guy. Activated by sunlight, we found it at the dollar store and I snagged it for my Valentine ... Andy chuckled. He said, "I pictured you saying this when we were younger." ...

I looked at him in complete surprise. "No way? ... Really? ... Is that what you thought?" My reply was immediate but maybe a bit too quick. I thought it over for a few moments and then I had to concede a point or two. In hindsight, there might be something to that perception...

It was complicated. We met at a summer conservation camp and became pen pals for 4 years. Snail mail. Those were the days. Until he had to break a date - not his fault - his Mom made alternate plans. I didn't know that Mom part and I got mad at him.

At the same time, I was going off to college and my Stepdad intervened and, without my knowing,  threw out his letters to me. He also informed Andy that I was getting married. I wasn't.

I just figured we had parted ways. And there our story paused. Divine intervention from both home teams, as it were.

30 years later, we finally reconnected and Andy told me the rest of the story - what happened when he stopped by the house with a friend to hand deliver a letter. He gave it to my Stepdad and watched in complete disbelief and horror as it was promptly shredded.

Interestingly enough, at times, we had each tried to check in but there were missed opportunities and false trails.

Fate turned a page and several chapters. We met again - discovered the twists and turns. No surprise that he wasn't frightened by my ever-present nightlight companions.

He reminded me of the blinking lights he pointed out and tried to tell me about at camp. I remembered and also remembered I told him not to talk about stuff like that or people would think he was crazy. We spent a lot of time talking and looking at the stars. I was impressed because he knew the constellations.

Full circle. How could I have known the blinking lights were a sign? I wasn't supposed to - until the reconnection - and recollection of a marker that, long ago, had been set in place. There is so much more going on here than we can fathom. That's what makes it all so special.

Andy had no intention of letting my delightful, little winged-pig get the last laugh. He added one more gift for me to find at my desk.

Andy showed up again in my life when I really needed a friend who knew me before all of my detours and then after, when the nightlights joined the journey. There had never been a kiss between us. We were friends and something more. That something more was the cement. What a trip this life is! 

Now, here's a haunting Phantom -- with all the drama, romance, detours, novelty and a few extra quirks that make it even more outstanding .. unforgettable too.


Happy Valentine's Day!  

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