Friday, May 9, 2014

Only love -- and Reality

If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. if you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation. – Lao Tzu

And if that sounds like a small task, let me be one in a long line of self-transformers who can reassure you it isn't. Transformation is not for the easily distracted or the faint of heart. As soon as you determine to intend that your "reality" has a hidden door, the outer world loses hold on you. And that other magical realm begins to assert itself.

The world of competition for attention, possessions, titles and external trappings of self-worth gently fades from view as the real world - where nothing is what it seems - becomes incredibly dense and complex and effectively commands center stage.

Life becomes an extraordinary adventure that no tall tale can capture and even your own attempt at re-telling lacks the brilliant technicolor you have born witness to. It locks hands and stands right beside you and only those who are on the same transformational plane can see the world now laid bare before you. Some are in spirit and some are in the flesh.

The frustrating lack in the ability to translate, relate or share on broad scale, the phantasmagorical events that now brighten your days, nights, minutes and hours, simply makes it all the more compelling to live - even as the heightened sense that one develops fosters an ever increasing desire to let go of all elements of this fragile, superficial plane and merge with that other fantastical, timeless realm.

There is no match for it here - in this hollow, shadow state - but, then again, that's why our time in this package is temporary ... and thankfully so. When one truly discovers the multi-dimensional, mind blowing realms of eternity .. work here, is a walk in the park .. emotions are the crutch ... not the out clause. No waiting to find a perfect life to exhale, no worrying about who got caught and busted for daring to inhale an adventure of miscreation...

Upstaged by authentic creation, the identification with drama evaporates. No judgement is accurate or relevant. The big picture reveals significant details that were intentionally designed to remain missing for the duration of the exercise.

Here, we clear and quantify our vision and dust off the karmic flotsam from past adventures while setting our priorities straight. Love is the only game that is real. Everything else is simply an adventure in diversion. We rediscover that other incredible, technicolor realm is beyond dreaming. It is REAL.

Can you keep your focus on the prize while the game throws tremendous illusions designed to tether you to the manifest fabric, convince you to withhold your love and keep you from navigating your divine being? 

What is real? The only real thing here is you. Everything else - no matter what illusion it presents - is window dressing created to assist you (however that may best apply for your particular state of being) in working yourself up to the next level: ascension. 

Does it end? It has no beginning. You are the creator. Enjoy your time and remember: while you are learning how to play, you are also learning how to love. Kindness matters. Every being here is exactly like you .. engaged to create, within a very brief dot of eternity .. a vision where reality requires all to spend time in manifest form. 

The day will come when all in present creation return to the same home and in that moment .. all are once again born in love. 

Reality is relative. Only love is real.

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