Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Time out -- updating the About Me

Thank you for finding/following my blog. Here's a quickie update. If you like the blog - there is an entire library of shows to check out featuring more of this content on Empower Radio.

The Bio -
Conscious Living is on Empower Radio, iheartradio and itunes. My focus is metaphysics, consciousness, energy healing, transcendent experiences and other sorts of life adventures.

I am not a skeptic. I continue to experience paranormal/unexplainable events. My nightlight interaction is 24/7 wherever I go. This Energy interaction is not me. The Energy is a separate entity and that is another topic. I address it in Talking to Nightlights.

Reality is unique to the individual - and multidimensional. 

Once one has had this type of energetic shift, it becomes quite clear "reality" is beyond our ability to define. It took me at least 10 years to get a grip on all the changes my experience triggered and it continues to enhance my awareness. When we are engaged with our divine nature - we are limitless.

Talking to Nightlights - is the intro to how contact with the unseen energies of the nightlights began in 1997. Wonderfully beyond definition, it launched a steady stream of metaphysical adventure and became my rock for all things being connected. We are incredible in our potential.

My lights are ON. (Smile.)

Artist - Blogger - Intuitive - Mystic, Talk Host at Empower Radio: Conscious Living explores Metaphysics, Consciousness, Paranormal, UFO, Near Death, PSI, Alternative Healing and creative living topics.

Sample Guests: Dr. Eben Alexander, William Buhlman, Mary Rodwell, Master Sio, Laura Alden Kamm, Marta Williams, Leslie Kean, Kathleen Marden, Penny Kelly, Richard Gordon, PMH Atwater, Tina Erwin, Annie Kagan/The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, Lori Toye and Eva Herr. Energy Healer Edd Edwards - an enigma. Some have reported results in listening to the program. Becki Hawkins shares eye opening NDEs from her 30 years of hospice work.

My Presentations include Everyday PSI, Spirit Guides, Channeling, Intuitive Readings,
Intervention for ghosts/Haunted houses, and Animal Communication (I do occasional work with a farrier to assist in horse care).

One of the fun events I have been doing for the past few years is the Ghost Stories of Weston (Spring and Fall events) -- Ghosts are everywhere .. but there are more elements in the unseen realms that are vying for our awareness. Not everything that goes bump in the night, walks the halls unseen, plays with the electricity or rattles windows and doors is a ghost. We have to keep asking better questions, explore beyond our "knowns" and continue to upgrade our answers.

There are beings among us who would like to encourage that activity. When you do the work - they connect with you.
Artist - Wendy's Coffeehouse Art - Featured at H&R Block Center 2011/2012. Coffeehouses, including Starbucks. Still up at The Roasterie. Art chair - Overland Park Arboretum Auction. And now back to more conscious adventuring.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
  - André Gide

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