Thursday, December 18, 2014

Conscious Living Schedule for 12/15/14

Ever curious. There are things going on here that we haven't the slightest idea how to articulate yet we feel the connect, the energy shift, the vibe lift and the frequency amp up. We know something amazing is happening. That something stimulates a sense of anticipation and wonder, maybe even a bit of concern.

No matter what sense is triggered, change is underwritten into this scenario and change is coming. Trust you are where you need to be, resources will be provided when needed and information offered in perfect time. All flows in divine form. 

It's nice to be able to offer a weekly rundown of Conscious Living shows now filed in the archives. If you do miss the nightly airing at 9pm central time (USA), then search the title and you'll find the episode on the Empower site or on iheartradio or itunes.

Most of the time, I will try to give you a cheat sheet like this, but when I don't there will be a link on the Empower site to find out what is running. The new show this week is Sonja Grace. We've spoken before but it's nice to reconnect.

Time flew!! This is the final new show for 2014. I'll take a break for the holiday and resume with a new show after the 1st. Lots of fun stuff to look forward to. I am booked through April.

DECEMBER 15 (MONDAY): "The Virtual Reality Lab" with Ross Holcomb. One of my favorite sources for information on Crop Circles, here's a vid with background on a tour. Here's the Ancient Megalithic Structure Top Ten Most Intriguing list Ross shared.

DECEMBER 16 (TUESDAY): How about this for a hobby? Edd Edwards likes to play with lightning. Spend a few minutes with Edd and find out how you can recharge your own energy system or connect with Edd and let him give you a "tune up".

DECEMBER 17 (WEDNESDAY): New Interview with Mystic Healer Sonja Grace. Becoming an Earth Angel.

DECEMBER 18 (THURSDAY): When the 4 men in robes visited Penny Kelly in the 80s, they gave her some insights about our future. Some of it, pretty grim stuff, has actually come to pass. They also shared what we need to do to set a course correction to avoid a worst case scenario. More info from Penny's website:

[Robes – A Book of Coming Changes is a book of global dimensions. In 1980, a group of little monk-like men in brown robes began to visit Penny Kelly, always asking her to “look at some pictures.” Over the next year and a half, the little men visited her regularly, each time showing her pictures of the future and emphasizing that humans needed to take responsibility for the world they were creating. This is the story of what she was shown, and an amazing commentary on the ongoing evolution of the human being.

From the blog Robes Excerpt #2:
“Each individual is a unique filter of the frequencies that surround the human body/mind system. Each human brain is a radio receiver responding to the matrix of waves and energy flowing through and around it.

“The brain’s job is to help the human body respond appropriately to the ocean of frequencies it lives in, and be a tool by which you explore those frequencies and the possibilities within them. To do so is literally to explore the possibilities of the Self. The process is meant to be shared with others in the way you used to share when you were children by saying, ‘Hey, look what I found… Hey, look what I can do… You can probably do it too.’]

DECEMBER 19 (FRIDAY): "Kids in Spirit" with Hollister Rand: clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient medium, regular contributor to, the website launched by John Edward. Preview her book, I'm Not Dead, I'm Different.

DECEMBER 20 (SATURDAY): "Exploring Visions" - called to a location for the sole purpose of Divine Revelation. Is that what I was told to get me there? Nope. I was shown after I arrived - the second time. The first time was the carrot. What an extraordinary life this is. Talking to Nightlights.

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